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Keeping Your Plants Warm

29/09/2014 18:27
All through the cold weather, you have to defend the plants in your greenhouse from frost damage and one of the most ignored pieces of gear is a decent greenhouse heater. And the good news is is that you can pick up a decent heater for your greenhouse relatively cheaply. Now dependent on your...


Consider These Points Before You Buy A Lawn Mower

16/06/2014 11:43
If you have a lawn, you cannot avoid spending an occasional weekend mowing it to perfection. Mowing not only ensures a perfect appearance for your lawn, but also is important for the good health of the grass. For instance, if you mow too short, the grass experiences a lot of pressure because of...


Petrol Mowers And How They Work

12/06/2014 11:47
If you've ever wondered how petrol lawn mowers work, then you're not alone. With any luck what you read further down will help you answer the question.  The similarities amongst the petrol lawnmowers you can buy (for instance, the Mountfield S461 PD) and the electrically powered mower are...



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