Consider These Points Before You Buy A Lawn Mower

16/06/2014 11:43
If you have a lawn, you cannot avoid spending an occasional weekend mowing it to perfection. Mowing not only ensures a perfect appearance for your lawn, but also is important for the good health of the grass. For instance, if you mow too short, the grass experiences a lot of pressure because of which, it renews its pace of growth. So, within a short time, you have an overgrown lawn. Here, while the growth of grass picks up pace, its healthiness quotient falls. In order to ensure that the lawn is mowed perfectly, you need to know the right way of mowing. Also, you can mow the lawn perfectly when you choose a lawn mower that is convenient for use and works with high efficiency. Here are some tips on buying the right lawnmower.
Consider the size of your lawn
Your lawn size is one of the major factors that influence your choice of mower. If you have a medium to large sized lawn, you'll want to buy one of the self propelled cheap lawnmowers; else you'll end up walking miles on the turf. For small lawns, you can consider buying a manual machine.
The size of your lawn also influences the choice between electric and petrol lawnmowers. For small lawns, electric mowers are a great option but for larger ones, you need a petrol fuelled one. The good thing about electric mowers is that they are light, do not make a noise and do not emit smelly exhaust gases. However, you need to be careful because the electrical cord trails the mower.
Petrol mowers are noisy and give out smelly exhausts but are more powerful. Also, when you have a petrol mower, you won't have to bother with electric cables trailing the machine.
Petrol mowers can cover larger expanses of grass more easily. Usually, these machines have a wider span of cutting blades. Their collection boxes are also bigger. They do not overheat like their electric counterparts. All these features make petrol mowers suitable to mow big lawns.
If your lawn is laid on a hilly terrain, rear wheel drive mower is the best option.
If the lawn has curved edges and a lot of ornamental islands, you can consider using a hover mower. These are very easy to manoeuvre around edges and curves. They are lightweight and cut grass with satisfactory efficiency.
Type of grass
Mowing should be done according to the type of grass. For example, if your lawn has tall and coarse grass, you should choose a machine that uses a side ejection system. Cylindrical mowers are great for lawns that require frequent cutting. If you have an ornamental lawn, these are the best mowers because they cut the grass short and uniformly.
Rotary lawn mower is a good choice for rough lawns and turfs that have weeds, moss growth and ryegrass. These turfs need more frequent mowing. If you miss mowing for a week or two, the grass becomes tall and very uneven. Rotary mower blades can handle such demands and hence, are great for these lawns.
In addition to these two important factors, you need to consider the brand of lawn mowers, their cost and fuel efficiency before purchasing one for home use.




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